The Rookery

The Rookery is an Audubon refuge at High Island, Texas.
The main area is a small lake with an island in it where many shore and water birds nest.
These photos were taken in 2009, the year after Hurricane Ike.
  • Water's Edge

    In the midst of all of these water birds fishing and cooling off on a very hot and steamy day, a flock of black vultures came down for a drink!

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  • Nesting Trees

    Even though these pictures were taken in mid-July, there were still many nestlings. Some adults were still foraging for twigs to build nests with. I believe that this was due to the double whammy the site had suffered in Hurricane Ike. One result of the storm was a loss of trees for nesting. The other was that after Ike there was no rain for months. Thus, the great influx of salt water was not diluted which reduced the food supply from the lake.

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