Bolivar Peninsula, Texas

Bolivar Peninsula is part of the barrier island chain on the Texas Gulf Coast.
It is north-east of Galveston Island.
The Bolivar Ferry runs between Galveston and Boliver.
The sand of Gulf Coast beaches is tan to brown, overall, but many other shades are mixed in.
These images are scans from 35mm slides.
  • Dawn Beach

    The first eight pictures in this group have particular significance for me. The waves in these photographs are much higher than usually seen on the Gulf Coast. The reason for this is that on this morning Hurricane Katrina was making landfall about 350 miles east at New Orleans, Louisiana. The devastation caused by this huge storm extended all the way to Florida. On Bolivar Peninsula, Texas, the waves merely swept the beaches clean.

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  • Sandscapes -Textures

    I am always amazed by the sculpting of the sand by wind and water.

    39 images

  • Birds

    I love all of the birds of the shore and coastal wetlands. But I have particular fondness for the Brown Pelicans.

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  • Cloudscapes

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